Ep. #4853

Season 20, Episode 84 -  Air Date: 7/18/2006
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As Stephanie pushes Lt. Baker to find the person that ploughed Darla down, Hector is busy arranging with a friend to have Taylor‘s car repaired quickly. Taylor refuses to lie about her involvement in Darla‘s accident but Hector orders her too. When Lt. Baker drops by with questions, Phoebe jumps in and covers for Taylor and Hector has Lt. Baker leave when Taylor is visably shaken, but he notices the empty bottle of wine on his way out. Sally talks with Darla and tells Thorne that she will pull through, but later admits to Stephanie that she can‘t handle losing Darla. Thorne prays for Darla to recover as she opens her eyes. Thorne remembers how he proposed, their wedding and the birth of Alexandria before Darla flatlines and passes away. Thorne sobs with Stephanie at his side, as Sally looks on.