Ep. #4852

Season 20, Episode 83 -  Air Date: 7/17/2006
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Thorne finds Taylor crying over Darla‘s bedside blaming herself for the accident. Thorne tells Taylor that the only person responsible was the hit and run driver that knocked down Darla, which makes Taylor feel even more guilty. Stephanie learns of the accident and informs Sally, they later arrive with Clarke. Sally and Clarke remember good times with Saul, Macy and Darla. Sally promises Darla another run with Spectra Fashions if she fights to pull through. Lt. Baker begins questioning a shaken Phoebe, but Ridge asks him to back away. Lt. Baker notices the alcohol on Taylor‘s breath and she freaks out. Hector rushes Taylor and Phoebe out of the hospital and takes them home. Taylor admits a secret; she has already been suspended from driving due to driving under the influence a few weeks previously. Hector tells Taylor she will go to jail unless she keeps her mouth shut.