Ep. #4851

Season 20, Episode 82 -  Air Date: 7/14/2006
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Nick and Brooke return home from their honeymoon as Bridget waits with Hope. Hector and the paramedics rush Darla off in an ambulance with a devastated Thorne. Taylor is a wreck as Phoebe drives them off to the hospital. Christian works on Darla‘s injuries and Taylor admits to Hector that she was driving the car that ran Darla down and that she has been drinking. Ridge tells Thomas that Taylor and Phoebe aren‘t home. Thomas is concerned when he realises that Taylor has been drinking and now there is no sign of her. Phoebe calls and informs them of Darla‘s accident. Christian tells Thorne that Darla has multiple skull fractures and that she is in a critical state. Thorne and Ridge believe the accident was a hit and run as Taylor breaks down with emotion.