Ep. #4850

Season 20, Episode 81 -  Air Date: 7/13/2006
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The birthday party for Alexandria continues as Thomas makes a home video. Clarke arrives dressed as a clown and begins playing pranks on everyone. As the party breaks up, Sally, having moved back to her penthouse, offers to take Alexandria for the night so Darla and Thorne can have some time alone. Thorne takes them home and everybody heads off for the night and Darla decides to leave Alexandria a message on the home video. Ridge takes Thomas home and Thomas finds an empty bottle of wine on the counter. Taylor rushes along the highway as thick fog settles in. Phoebe is scared to death as the stranger begins banging on her car. Phoebe calls Darla for help. Darla arrives and helps Phoebe change her flat tire as Taylor races around the corner and hits Darla with her car. Taylor is in shock as Hector and the paramedics show up. Thorne sees the commotion on the highway and is horrified when he sees that Darla has been knocked down.