Ep. #4849

Season 20, Episode 80 -  Air Date: 7/12/2006
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Darla heads off to prepare for Alexandria‘s birthday party and after talking with Phoebe, Stephanie realises that Phoebe really wants her parents back together. Ridge apologises to Taylor for all the pain he has caused her. He tells her his hopes for her of finding a man that will appreciate and respect the type of woman she is. When Taylor is alone, she finds herself staring at a bottle of wine. Darla returns home and finds that Sally and Thorne have decorated the enitre beach house for Alexandria‘s party. Stephanie arrives with Alexandria, followed by Eric and then Ridge and Thomas. Everyone enjoys the good cheer as Darla thanks them all for the family that they have. Taylor is worried when Phoebe calls from her car, having missed a turn on the way to Thorne‘s and getting a flat tire. A stranger jumps out on Phoebe as Taylor rushes off to help.