Ep. #4848

Season 20, Episode 79 -  Air Date: 7/11/2006
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Ridge reads about Brooke and Nick‘s wedding in the newspaper. Thorne attempts to cheer Ridge up but he remains depressed. Darla pops in and surprises both of them by hugging Ridge and offering her support. She invites him to Alexandria‘s birthday party that evening. Phoebe returns home from study in London but informs Thomas and Taylor that Steffy is staying there for the summer. Phoebe and Thomas wonder whether Ridge and Taylor have a chance of getting back together. Phoebe heads out to visit friends but goes to Ridge instead. Phoebe tells of her hopes of her father coming home. Thomas mentions to Taylor that he has noticed her drinking a lot. Taylor promises to clean up her act and removes all the alcohol from the house. Darla drops by and invites Taylor to the party, but she declines knowing Ridge will be there. Darla offers to be a friend to Taylor. Darla later mentions to Thorne how much Taylor loves Ridge. Ridge swings by to pick up Thomas, and Taylor wonders why she and Ridge broke up their family to both be unhappy and alone.