Ep. #4846

Season 20, Episode 77 -  Air Date: 7/7/2006
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Rick decides that he has to return to the airport but Bridget tries to stop him. Dante admits that there doesn‘t seem like there is going to be a wedding. Jackie frets and tries to stall the minister from leaving. Brooke tells Nick that she is her own person and they can‘t spend their lives arguing when she does something that he doesn‘t agree with. Nick admits that they can both be very different people but they do love one another. The minister informs them that he is leaving but Nick grabs him. They rush off back atop the hill overlooking the marina and pledge their vows to one another. Jackie and Bridget watch from a distance as they are pronounced husband and wife and sail off on the Shady Marlin. Stephanie is busy telling Ridge that the wedding is off and that Brooke will be his as Jackie calls and informs Stephanie that her plan has failed, Nick and Brooke are married.