Ep. #4844

Season 20, Episode 75 -  Air Date: 7/5/2006
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Nick and Brooke‘s wedding day arrives. Stephanie makes one last attempt to make Bridget say that she loves Nick and tries to push her to stop Nick and Brooke‘s wedding, but Bridget is having none of it. Ridge drops by on Brooke and lays his love on the line for her. Ridge insists that marrying Nick will be a mistake as Brooke is choosing security over love. Brooke rushes out the door when it appears Ridge‘s words begin to get to her. Rick returns to town to attend the wedding and meets with Bridget and Dante. Brooke thanks Bridget for all her support and realises it can‘t be too easy on her daughter. Jackie sobs with happiness as Nick prepares for the ceremony, Jackie is thrilled that her son‘s time with Brooke has finally come. Everybody gathers in the marina as Brooke rides in on a horse and carriage. Massimo and Stephanie hide out in a limo and are both impressed by two workmen putting up the huge billboard poster of a naked Brooke. Brooke and Nick are both horrified when they see it.