Ep. #4843

Season 20, Episode 74 -  Air Date: 7/4/2006
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Felicia informs Christian that she attended Dante‘s art award ceremony as Bridget‘s sunburn refrained her from going. Felicia tells him that she has one more trick up her sleeve. Dante later recieves an award for his sculpture and Felicia throws her history with Dante at the press. Bridget finds some medication delivered and uses it to ease the pain, but later finds that it has made her numb. Taylor is shocked when she learns that Stephen also slept with Jackie as well as herself. Stephanie shows Brooke her idea for the ad compaign but Brooke shoots it down. Nick later drops by and Brooke tells him she has arranged for their marriage to take place in the Marina Del Rey. Stephanie learns of this and makes plans with Massimo to have a huge billboard displaying the ad in full view at the time of the ceremony.