Ep. #4842

Season 20, Episode 73 -  Air Date: 7/3/2006
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Dante and Bridget stop by the Forrester estate to use the pool, while Bridget isn‘t looking Felicia switches Bridget‘s sun block for baby oil to play a prank on her. Dante informs Felicia that his sculpture won an award and invites both Felicia and Bridget to attend the ceremony. Bridget freaks out when after baking in the sun she discovers that she is bright red. Christian isn‘t impressed with Felicia‘s prank. Ridge is dissapointed when Brooke decides to not use the nude photos for the ad campaign, but Stephanie has other ideas. Stephanie has Massimo arrange an emergency meeting with top advertising PR‘s and gives them the naked photos of Brooke to use in the Bedroom line, with the slogan "Brooke‘s Bedroom or nothing at all".