Ep. #4841

Season 20, Episode 72 -  Air Date: 6/30/2006
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Nick learns that Brooke has a photo shoot for the Brooke‘s Bedroom line. Nick tells Jackie that the thought of Ridge leering over a scantly clad Brooke makes him cringe. Nick says that he won‘t accept any more stunts from Ridge and Stephanie and once he is married to Brooke she‘ll either have to fire them or leave Forrester Creations. Stephanie tells Massimo that her plans all lay in the photo shoot and will destroy Nick and Brooke‘s relationship. Thorne wonders why Ridge would give up on Brooke, but Ridge says he will be waiting for Brooke if she ever decides she needs him. Massimo tells Ridge he must get through to Brooke. Stephanie pushes in on the photographer, whom manages to convince Brooke to pose nude for her photos, reluctantly she agrees when Ridge comes up with the perfect slogan.