Ep. #4840

Season 20, Episode 71 -  Air Date: 6/29/2006
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Bridget and Dante both agree that they feel bad for hurting Felicia, but decide it is now their time to be together. They finally make love and join as one. Nick later drops in and is happy that Bridget is happy. Nick and Bridget sign the divorce papers and make the end of their marriage final. Ridge tells Stephanie about Brooke‘s goodbye dinner. Stephanie goes to Brooke and tells her to follow her heart to Ridge, but Brooke demands that Stephanie accept that she has followed her heart to Nick. Stephanie realises that Nick only needs one more push to lose his patience with Brooke and Ridge and so she goes to Massimo with a plan. Nick informs Brooke that his marriage to Bridget is over and they grow excited that they can now get married to one another.