Ep. #4839

Season 20, Episode 70 -  Air Date: 6/28/2006
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Felicia accuses Bridget of deliberatly hurting her because she has the child that Bridget lost. Felicia later apologises for her harsh words and manages to make Felicia see that she shouldn‘t marry Dante. Dante drops in and Felicia finally accepts the idea of Bridget and Dante being together. Brooke arranges a private dinner for herself and Ridge. Ridge goes with the idea that Brooke wants him back, but Brooke breaks it to him that it‘s a goodbye dinner. As they share memories and Brooke hands him a photo album, the pianist sings Unforgettable. Brooke tells Ridge that if he really loves her then he needs to let her go and allow for her happiness with Nick. They share a final farewell kiss, before Brooke leaves their romance behind forever.