Ep. #4838

Season 20, Episode 69 -  Air Date: 6/27/2006
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Brooke is surprised by Nick‘s protection over Bridget when he says that Dante isn‘t the right man for her, while Brooke believes he is. Brooke is over the moon when Nick shows her that his divorce to Bridget has been moved along and he is now free to marry Brooke. Eric tries to talk some sence into Felicia when she remains in denial about Dante‘s feelings for Bridget. Stephanie barges in on Dante and Bridget kissing. She flips out and shouts abusive words at them both. Dante and Bridget tell her that they are in love. Stephanie tells them she will break the news to Felicia, but will never forgive Bridget. Dante tells Eric his feelings lay with Bridget. Felicia drops in on Bridget and asks her to respect her plans to marry Dante, but Bridget tells her that Dante doesn‘t love her.