Ep. #4836

Season 20, Episode 67 -  Air Date: 6/23/2006
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Nick and Brooke begin getting into a discussion about her working with Ridge, but she cuts it short when she tells him that she has to drop by Forrester Creations to pick up some work, which doesn‘t impress Nick. Felicia storms out of her wedding and Stephanie begins hounding Bridget about what is going on. Felicia lets Dante know that she saw him kiss Bridget. Dante explains that it was a goodbye, but Felicia lays all the blame on Bridget. Eric tries to stop Stephanie interfering, but she doesn‘t listen. Brooke arrives and rushes off to give Bridget support. Brooke overhears Stephanie badmouthing Bridget and comparing her to Brooke. Brooke and Stephanie then get into an argument about her showing her true colors. Bridget leaves everybody arguing amongst themselves and later finds that Dante has followed her. Bridget admits how much she loves and wants him as they kiss again.