Ep. #4831

Season 20, Episode 62 -  Air Date: 6/16/2006
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Stephen tries again to get Nick to stop Brooke participating in the fashion show, but he remains relaxed. Stephen leaves with his own plan of action and Stephanie later catches him snooping around Forrester Creations. With Jackie‘s help, she and Stephen realise Ridge plans to make a move on Brooke as she models the showstopper. Felicia brings Dante‘s family to the showing and Bridget looks on as they all cosy up together. Felicia later spots Dante and Bridget in a close situation in the dressing rooms. Ridge and Brooke introduce the beginning of the showing as Nick cringes in his seat. The press are impressed with the designs as the models strut the catwalk. Brooke makes her entrance modelling the lingerie, Nick is uncomfortable, while Ridge waits backstage about to make his move.