Ep. #4829

Season 20, Episode 60 -  Air Date: 6/14/2006
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Brooke finds Nick trashing Ridge‘s portrait in what used to be his old office at Marone Industries. Brooke manages to calm him, and later tells him that Bridget is in love with Dante. Nick wishes he had told Bridget to move on sooner. As Felicia gushes with happiness, Bridget and Dante remove themselves from the room. Bridget tells Dante he can‘t hurt Felicia, but he kisses Bridget and tells her that he loves her. Stephanie notices that they are missing and later tells Dante that if he has unresolved feelings for Bridget he needs to deal with them. Dante tells Bridget he can‘t marry Felicia, but before he can say anything, Bridget jumps in and wishes them both happiness for the future before bidding Dante goodbye for the sake of her sister.