Ep. #4828

Season 20, Episode 59 -  Air Date: 6/13/2006
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Ridge tells Brooke that marrying Nick will be a mistake. Nick is angered when he finds Ridge in the building and after removing Brooke from the room, Nick vents that anger at Ridge. Ridge feels Nick is scared of losing Brooke. Dante and Bridget decide that now is there time. Bridget apologises for hurting him, and Dante believes he should call things off with Felicia, which worries Bridget. Eric and Stephanie wonder what is going on as Felicia rushes around and Thorne and Darla arrive at the house. Felicia shows them her surprise in the way of Dante‘s father Aldo, mother Filomena, uncle Luigi and cousins Carlo and Annabella. Dante arrives to end things with Felicia but is swept into his family‘s arms. Bridget feels she should be with Dante to support Felicia but is horrified when she meets Dante‘s family and Felicia declares that she has set there wedding date for this week.