Ep. #4827

Season 20, Episode 58 -  Air Date: 6/12/2006
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Stephen drops in on Jackie, whom acts angry with him when he arrives. Jackie informs him that she is aware of him sleeping with Taylor. Stephen apologises for his actions, but Jackie tells him she isn‘t angry, but actually finds him very attractive. Bridget tells Brooke that she feels she made a mistake in letting Dante go. Brooke advises Bridget to tell Dante how she really feels before he gets in too deep with Felicia. Ridge and Dante prepare some underwear designs and Ridge tells Dante that he needs to be sure before marrying Felicia, as he doesn‘t want her hurt. Dante later goes to Bridget when she calls and after telling him she loves him, they kiss passionately. Ridge takes some lingerie to Brooke at Marone Industries. Brooke isn‘t impressed with him being there, but he is even less than impressed when he sees Brooke‘s engagement ring.