Ep. #4826

Season 20, Episode 57 -  Air Date: 6/9/2006
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Bridget attempts to excuse herself but Dante wants to explain. Bridget learns that Dante gave Felicia the ring that he was going to have Bridget wear. Dante tells her he just wants a home for his son. Felicia informs Eric of her engagement to Dante but he is concerned that Dante also proposed to Bridget. Bridget drops by to see Felicia and airs her concerns but Felicia just sees it as sour grapes. Felicia asks Bridget to be happy for her. Stephanie goes to stir the pot with Nick but he isn‘t interested. Jackie pops in and Stephanie has great pleasure in telling her that Stephen slept with Taylor. Stephanie orders them both to get rid of Stephen or she will. Stephen attempts to make things up to Brooke but she is haunted of past memories of her childhood. Brooke breaks down when Stephen holds her and she flips and throws him out.