Ep. #4825

Season 20, Episode 56 -  Air Date: 6/8/2006
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Felicia and Dante wake up together. They share the memories of the previous night and then Felicia wonders how Bridget will take their news. Bridget and Christian talk at the hospital and he comforts her when she tells him that things ended between herself and Dante. Christian advises her to tell Dante how she feels now that there is no chance of ever being with Nick again. Bridget goes to Dante to apologise and kisses him, offering the chance to make a relationship work between them. Bridget is devastated when Felicia calls and tells her that she is engaged to Dante. Nick is angered when he finds a full spread of Brooke‘s Bedroom in the newspaper with Brooke as the model. Stephen wakes with Jackie at his side, but rushes to Brooke when she calls. Brooke vents her anger at Stephen for sleeping with Taylor, and tells him to leave her life forever.