Ep. #4821

Season 20, Episode 52 -  Air Date: 6/2/2006
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Dante finds Felicia waiting for him in his studio, ready to continue her sculpture. Dante leaves when she begins talking about Bridget. Christian pops in and Felicia grabs him for a kiss. Dante is angered when he returns and sees them together. Jackie wonders if Brooke will be able to fire Eric, Stephanie and Ridge. Nick digs for information when Jackie hints that she is romantically interested in Stephen. Stephanie can‘t believe Brooke is turning on their family. Eric is furious, while Ridge refuses to believe what Brooke is doing. Stephanie storms over to Taylor and warns her for betraying the family and destroying their friendship. Stephanie is sickened and hurls insults when Stephen wanders from Taylor‘s bedroom. Ridge pushes Brooke to the breaking point of what she really wants. Nick and Ridge duke it out. Brooke infroms Nick that she can‘t fire the Forresters afterall. Nick tells her that if she doesn‘t and still remains at the company, she does it alone.