Ep. #4820

Season 20, Episode 51 -  Air Date: 6/1/2006
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Taylor and Stephen wake up in bed together. Taylor begins explaining the situation but Stephen tells her he doesn‘t regret it. Taylor later receives a flower delivery from him. Nick is disheartened when Brooke tells him that she can‘t fire the Forresters from their own company. Nick lays down all the reasons why she should, which Stephen also jumps in on when he arrives. Brooke feels trapped but admits that she doesn‘t trust Stephanie. Eric, Stephanie, Ridge and Thorne gather at Forrester Creations and prepare the office for Brooke‘s return. A nervous Brooke stops them as they bombard her with plans for the company. Sitting them down she explains she has Taylor‘s stock, putting her in control of the company. Brooke fires Eric, Stephanie and Ridge.