Ep. #4818

Season 20, Episode 49 -  Air Date: 5/30/2006
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Christian checks Felicia‘s health and informs her that her recovery is doing well. He lets on that he finds her attractive, but Felicia says she has to see if there is a future for herself and Dante. Christian tells her that he has taken a job at University Hospital and is moving in with Hector, and kisses Felicia as he leaves. Brooke is shocked by Nick‘s reaction, but accepts the position. Eric and Ridge are thrilled as Brooke signs the papers, while Thorne and Darla stand by with support. Stephanie is concerned by Nick‘s change in attitude but welcomes Brooke back to the company and also gives her the main office. Nick is happy when Stephen hands him Taylor‘s stock, having his lawyers check the document, Stephen and Nick can‘t wait to deal their justice now Brooke is in control of Forrester Creations.