Ep. #4817

Season 20, Episode 48 -  Air Date: 5/29/2006
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Brooke meets with Nick and he wonders what decision she has made on Stephanie‘s offer, promising to support her no matter what she has decided. Brooke tells Nick that she is going to decline the offer and put her relationship with him first. Stephen drops by to see Taylor and finds her knocking back a bottle of wine. Taylor vents her anger and tells Stephen of her run in with Stephanie. Stephen again makes Taylor the offer to team up with Brooke, but Taylor doesn‘t want revenge, only to cut all ties with the family. Stephen offers to buy Taylor‘s stock, to which she agrees. Eric, Ridge and Stephanie gather at Forrester Creations. Brooke and Nick arrive as Brooke prepares to turn down their offer. Stephen calls and informs Nick that he has Taylor‘s stock, so Nick jumps in to stop Brooke declining and accepts the offer for her.