Ep. #4816

Season 20, Episode 47 -  Air Date: 5/26/2006
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Stephen begs Taylor to reconsider when she tells him that she is going to hand her 2% of Forrester Creations back to Stephanie. Stephen prays that Taylor will change her mind, but Nick believes that Stephen‘s plan has failed. Stephanie gathers at the Forrester estate with Eric, Ridge, Kristen, Thorne and Felicia. Stephanie divides the agreed stock between them and hands them the documents. Taylor later marches in and causes a scene by telling a few home truths. Stephanie has everybody leave but Taylor continues to vent her anger at Stephanie. Taylor accuses Stephanie of being so obsessed with Ridge that she has driven her entire family away. Stephanie slaps Taylor, to which Taylor warns her was a big mistake as Taylor leaves to meet with Stephen.