Ep. #4815

Season 20, Episode 46 -  Air Date: 5/25/2006
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Bridget suspects that something is going on between Dante and Felicia. Felicia cuts to the chase and makes Dante and Bridget see that their relationship isn‘t working as she still loves Nick. Felicia makes it clear that she would like to be with the father of her child. Bridget and Dante both agree that their time has passed. Stephanie tells Ridge that she hopes Brooke will now come back to him and Stephanie is surprised when Ridge thanks her. Jackie wonders if Nick is worried about losing Brooke, but he insists that he isn‘t. Stephen invites Taylor to dinner at the Cafe Russe. They discuss the Forresters‘ and then Stephen puts the point across that if Taylor were to team up with Brooke, their joint shares will put them in control of Forrester Creations.