Ep. #4814

Season 20, Episode 45 -  Air Date: 5/24/2006
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Dante agrees to use Felicia as his model to sculpt, and they flirt as he does so. Meanwhile, Bridget realises how she has been hurting Dante when Nick begins asking Bridget for advice on his relationship with Brooke. Bridget refuses to offer comment and goes to Dante to apologise, but is shocked when she finds Felicia wrapped in little else but a bed sheet. Stephanie is hurt when Taylor demands that she leave. Stephanie gives Taylor her document for 2% of Forrester Creations, which only adds fuel to the fire. Stephen later drops by to see Taylor and they both vent their anger about the Forresters‘. Stephen tells her that they have the means to get their own back. Stephanie finds Nick in her office and he tells her to back away from her manipulation. Stephanie warns Nick to accept her plans or he will regret it.