Ep. #4813

Season 20, Episode 44 -  Air Date: 5/23/2006
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Dante tells Felicia that he is committed to Bridget but Felicia continues to flirt. When Dante mentions a sculpting exhibition he‘s taking part in, Felicia drops her dress and suggests that he sculpt her. Bridget vents her anger at Stephanie when she begins saying that Ridge and Brooke belong together. Stephanie believes Bridget still loves Nick but she refuses to play into Stephanie‘s manipulation. Taylor tells Hector how angry she is that Stephanie disregarded her feelings when talking to the press. Taylor feels her marriage to Ridge has been made a joke of and places a harsh call to Stephanie. Stephen tells Nick that he has a plan for Brooke. Stephen says they need to obtain Taylor‘s 2% of Forrester Creations, in doing so Brooke will have controlling interest and the power to fire the entire Forrester family. Stephen later listens in as Taylor shouts the odds at Stephanie for humiliating her. Nick goes to Bridget and asks her advice on what she thinks Brooke will do.