Ep. #4812

Season 20, Episode 43 -  Air Date: 5/22/2006
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Dante, Bridget and Felicia discuss Stephanie‘s motives for offering Brooke half of Forrester Creations. Bridget decides that she needs to be there for Brooke so cancels plans with Dante. Dante works at the studio where Felicia flirts and kisses him again. Brooke is furious at Stephanie for throwing her in front of a frenzied press. Eric, Stephanie and Ridge attempt to convince Brooke to accept the offer, as Stephen, Jackie and Nick attempt to convince her otherwise. Stephanie later calls her lawyers to divide the stock of the company, 50% for Brooke, with 10% for herself, Eric and Ridge, 6% for Thorne, Kristen and Felicia and the final 2% for Taylor. Stephen faces off with Stephanie for manipulating Brooke. Brooke stops Nick from tearing up her share documents, but he asks her to turn her back on the company for the sake of their relationship.