Ep. #4810

Season 20, Episode 41 -  Air Date: 5/18/2006
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Brooke takes RJ to the hospital to see Ridge. Ridge tells Brooke that he heard her say that she loved him whilst he was unconscious. Brooke tells Ridge not to confuse her caring with something else. Nick meets with Jackie and he informs her that Jackie M still belongs to her and that she has been cleared of the incriminating charges against her. Nick and Jackie later propose that Brooke become Jackie‘s partner in the boutique but Brooke says she isn‘t ready to return to work. Stephanie has Sally arrange a press conference and Stephanie informs Eric and Thorne that she is stepping down as CEO. They are both shocked when Stephanie tells them that she wants to make Brooke CEO of Forrester Creations once again and plans to announce the news at the press conference.