Ep. #4809

Season 20, Episode 40 -  Air Date: 5/17/2006
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Brooke tells Stephanie that she can‘t believe that Stephanie can simply forgive her after all the years that Stephanie has hated her. Stephanie begs Brooke to believe her, but Nick soon takes her home from the hospital. Brooke later wonders if Stephanie is sincere with what she says, but Nick warns Brooke not to be sucked in. Brooke assures Nick that her future is with him. Jackie sneaks in to see Ridge at the hospital and asks him to put his differences with Nick aside and allow him to be happy with Brooke. Jackie later warns Stephanie not to come between Nick and Brooke, but Stephanie makes it clear that she intends to do just that. Stephanie pleads for Ridge‘s forgiveness and tells him that she will always have her differences with Brooke, but promises that she will accept Brooke and have her reunite with him once again.