Ep. #4799

Season 20, Episode 30 -  Air Date: 5/3/2006
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Stephanie is shocked to learn that Megan has resigned from the company. Ridge informs Stephanie of Megan and Massimo‘s deception against Jackie. Stephanie warns Ridge about involving himself with Brooke and fighting against his brother, reminding him of the days he and Thorne fought over Caroline. Brooke worries that Nick is out for revenge against Massimo and Ridge. Bridget questions Brooke over the circumstances that lead her to sleep with Ridge. Bridget learns that Brooke and Nick have also now been sexuality intimate. Bridget hopes Nick can overcome his rage for Ridge. Massimo is surprised to find his office full of board members. Presenting him with a confession from Megan and incriminating Massimo into the false fraud charges, they order him to step down and place Nick in control of Marone Industries. Massimo realises Nick is behind it and warns him of this huge mistake.