Ep. #4796

Season 20, Episode 27 -  Air Date: 4/28/2006
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Felicia worries about how she will cope without Dino around for a while, but she becomes concerned when Stephanie says that she has taken care of things. Bridget and Dante wait for their flight to depart but are furious when Lt. Baker arrives and tells them to return home or else be arrested for kipnapping. Dante and Bridget lay into Stephanie, but she believes the baby should remain with Felicia. Brooke leaves Taylor with the kids when Sally calls to inform Brooke that Nick is going to Big Bear. Brooke hurries up the mountain, while Taylor tells Stephen that Brooke and Ridge always find their way back to one another. Stephen, however, wants Ridge nowhere near Brooke. Nick finds Ridge and accuses him of raping Brooke. Ridge gloats that he slept with Brooke to anger Nick. They fight as Brooke shows up and Nick warns Ridge that he will never go near Brooke again.