Ep. #4793

Season 20, Episode 24 -  Air Date: 4/25/2006
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Brooke is horrified when she starts to wake up and realises that Ridge actually had sex with her while she was unawares. Ridge doesn‘t see that he did anything wrong, but even after he leaves Brooke remains horrified that Ridge took advantage of her in that way. Massimo tries again to convince Nick not to waste his time with Brooke, reminding him that no matter how badly Ridge has treated her over the years, she‘s always gone back to him. Nick heads to Brooke‘s place to see her, and is shocked by the condition he finds her in. Stephanie shows up in time to interrupt Bridget and Felicia‘s talk and inserts her own two cents, proclaiming that there is no way Dante will take Dino to meet his family in Italy.