Ep. #4792

Season 20, Episode 23 -  Air Date: 4/24/2006
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Brooke begs Ridge to leave, then goes upstairs to take a shower. Already heavily medicated, Brooke takes another pill and climbs into bed, and is barely conscious when Ridge, who has followed her upstairs without her knowing, strips off and climbs into bed with her. She tries to ask what he is doing there but is too deeply drugged to be in control and Ridge is all over her. Felicia is shocked to learn that Bridget and Dante are planning a trip to Italy so that Dante‘s family can meet his son and flat out refuses to let them go. Bridget sends Dante off while she talks to Felicia, and convinces Felicia that Dante has the right to introduce his family to his son, and promises they‘ll be back soon. Nick confronts Massimo and Megan at his office, and Megan agrees to testify on Jackie‘s behalf but warns him that Ridge is the only man who will ever make Brooke happy. Nick gives Massimo the phone and demands he have Jackie released, which he agrees to do.