Ep. #4791

Season 20, Episode 22 -  Air Date: 4/21/2006
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Ridge tells Massimo about his plans to have Brooke forgive her father and hopes that will lead her to fogive him too. Nick tells Brooke that he must find the person who helped Massimo frame Jackie. Whilst talking to Eric later, Nick learns that Eric doesn‘t have a key for Jackie M and discovers that Megan had no business being there. Megan is busy trying to convince Brooke that she belongs with Ridge when Nick calls to inform her that Megan is Massimo‘s helper. Brooke loses it when she sees that Massimo, Ridge, Stephen and Megan are all trying to keep her from Nick. Brooke takes more of her medication before Ridge comes over. He begins kissing her as she fades in and out of consciousness from the drowsiness of her meds. Nick heads over to Massimo and catches him kissing Megan.