Ep. #4790

Season 20, Episode 21 -  Air Date: 4/20/2006
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Sally, Stephanie and Megan have a meeting at Forrester Creations. Stephanie learns that Megan isn‘t happy within her new position and worries that Megan wants to resign. Stephanie is intrigued that Megan is seeing a new man and hopes that he treats her right. Nick tells Massimo that his time is up and orders him to have Jackie released from jail. Massimo refuses so Nick takes his anger out and returns his Marone ring. Brooke begins taking medication for anxiety. Stephen bonds with Hope as he waits for Brooke. Brooke sends Hope away after seeing them together and warns Stephen to stay away from her. Ridge begs Brooke to give her father another chance but Brooke refuses to allow Ridge or Stephen into her life just so they can both hurt her again. Stephen is about to leave as Brooke breaks down in his arms and sobs.