Ep. #4788

Season 20, Episode 19 -  Air Date: 4/18/2006
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Nick and Brooke visit Jackie in jail. Nick questions her as to whether she believes Massimo is behind her being arrested. Jackie admits that Massimo wants her to come between Nick‘s relationship with Brooke. Megan tells Massimo that she is feeling guilty about Jackie being in jail. Megan points out that he was only meant to scare Nick and drive Brooke back to Ridge. Massimo thanks Megan for her help in placing the incriminating material onto Jackie‘s computer by giving her a necklace. He kisses Megan as she hopes their relationship won‘t be secret forever. Brooke arrives home and finds Ridge there. Ridge tells Brooke that she depends on Nick like he is the father she never had. Moments later her father Stephen Logan shows up at the door. Nick goes to Massimo and warns him not to go to war with him, unless he wants to lose. Nick gives Massimo till the morning to have Jackie released.