Ep. #4787

Season 20, Episode 18 -  Air Date: 4/17/2006
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As Felicia tells Christian how she wants herself and Bridget to find a way to raise Dino together and of her hopes that Stephanie will stay out of it, Stephanie is busy asking Bridget to take a step back from her responsibilities to the baby and allow Felicia to raise him. Megan tells Nick that she is in the boutique to help so Jackie won‘t get a back log of orders while she is in jail. Brooke is finishing giving Massimo a piece of her mind as Ridge arrives. Massimo advises them to talk and again Ridge attempts to win her back, but Brooke tells them both to accept her being with Nick. Ridge asks if he can borrow Massimo‘s jet to fly to Paris with a plan. Nick goes to Brooke and tells her he needs evidence that Massimo framed Jackie. Megan later arrives in Massimo‘s office and tells him they need to talk.