Ep. #4786

Season 20, Episode 17 -  Air Date: 4/14/2006
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Felicia apologises to Bridget for hurting her. Felicia later talks with Bridget alone and they come to the arrangement of both being Dominick‘s mother, raising him together. Dante tells Christian to back off when he feels Christian is becoming too involved in the situation. Dante warns him to leave it between himself, Bridget and Felicia. After hearing the evidence, the judge denials bail for Jackie. Jackie is taken back to her cell as Nick gives Massimo another warning. Brooke later visits Massimo and accuses him of setting Jackie up, as well as making her look bad in front of the judge. Massimo advises Brooke to return to Ridge, but Brooke warns him that he will lose Nick as a son if he continues. Nick goes to Jackie M in an attempt to gather information in Jackie‘s favor, but is shocked when he finds Megan skulking around in Jackie‘s office.