Ep. #4785

Season 20, Episode 16 -  Air Date: 4/13/2006
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Bridget admits to Dante that she misses Dino. Dante tells her that they will have him back with them tonight. Felicia tells Christian that her son is her best medicine. Christian sits with Felicia and later kisses her. Dante and Bridget come by to pick up the baby, but Felicia tells them that he is living with her now. Ridge is furious when he sees Brooke and Nick together at the courthouse but Massimo reminds him to remain calm. Massimo later pushes Jackie to come between Nick and Brooke but she refuses. Eric comes to the court to support Jackie. As the bail hearing commences Jackie meets her lawyer but he doesn‘t seem too possitive about her release. Things get out of hand as the prosecutor details Jackie‘s offences. Massimo offers to post bail, but things fall apart when he is questioned about Jackie‘s affair with Deacon.