Ep. #4781

Season 20, Episode 12 -  Air Date: 4/7/2006
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Ridge won‘t take no for an answer as Brooke tells him that it‘s over between them. Brooke insists that she wants to be with Nick. Ridge leaves but cryptically tells Brooke that she will see the truth. Massimo warns Nick not to disgrace the Marone name by taking his brother‘s wife. When Nick refuses to stop seeing Brooke, Massimo tells him Marone Enterprises will be left to Ridge only. Nick goes to Brooke and tells her that his love for her is more important than Massimo‘s power and wealth. Jackie is surprised when she finds Megan at Jackie M, Megan explains she brought over some papers from Forrester Creations. Jackie is shaken when Eric tells her that Felicia is alive. Jackie fears that Eric will stay married to Stephanie, but he assures her otherwise providing he is allowed a little more time. Later, three agents arrive and arrest Jackie.