Ep. #4780

Season 20, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 4/6/2006
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As Nick and Brooke prepare to return home with Hope and R.J., Ridge rushes over to Massimo to demand he find a way to get his son home now. Massimo says he will handle things. Ridge waits at Brooke‘s home for her return and begins another case to win her back once she does. Brooke again tells him that her future is with Nick. Massimo summons Nick aboard his jet and takes him out to Long Beach to see Marone tankers in port. Massimo warns Nick he could lose his legacy if his relationship with Brooke continues. Massimo tells him that it‘s over. Stephanie and Eric tell Bridget and Dante that they have somewhere to take them, but remain secretive. Bridget is stunned when Stepahnie leads her to Felicia. Felicia sobs as she holds Dominick. Although happy her sister is alive, Bridget fights back her tears knowing she will lose Dominick.