Ep. #4778

Season 20, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 4/4/2006
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Christian learns that he is at a barbecue being held by the Forrester family. Bridget mentions Felicia and his suspicions are confirmed. He is worried when he realises that they all believe that Felicia is dead. Jackie goes to Stephanie to gloat, but learns that Eric hasn‘t yet asked her for divorce. Stephanie feels Jackie is delusional, but Jackie informs her that she and Eric are engaged. Christian later visits Stephanie and feels she should tell her family that Felicia is alive. Ridge isn‘t happy when he finds Brooke‘s house empty. He tells Massimo he thinks Nick has whisked them away. Massimo manages to locate them and feels Nick has stepped over the line. Nick and Brooke continue to enjoy time together with the kids on a secluded island.