Ep. #4772

Season 20, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 3/27/2006
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Brooke and Nick have to stop themselves from making love when their kissing becomes heavy. Brooke reminds him that they must wait six months until his divorce from Bridget is final. Taylor later comes by and warns Nick that Brooke will hurt him the way she has hurt every other man who‘s name isn‘t Ridge. Taylor tells him to watch his step. Dante and Bridget sit at home with Dominick when Stephanie rushes over and asks to take the baby. Bridget is reluctant, but Dante tells her she is welcome to look after him for the night. Stephanie takes Dominick to the clinic where Felicia is fighting for her life. Stephanie tells Felicia to fight for the sake of her son and she is relieved when Felicia‘s vitals improve.