Ep. #4771

Season 20, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 3/24/2006
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Bridget suggests Dante go out and have some fun, but feels jealous when he agrees. Bridget later gets a surprise when Dante calls her outside and she finds him with a romantic meal prepared on the deck. He presents her with the papers that name her as Dominick‘s legal guardian. Taylor stops by to see Stephanie, and Stephanie grows concerned when Taylor talks fondly of Nick. Stephanie advises her to stay away from him. Stephanie meets with Christian at the clinic and he asks her permission to take Felicia off life support. Stephanie agrees and prays that everything will be ok. Brooke, Nick and Hope have dinner aboard the boat. Nick tells Brooke that he wants to be Hope‘s father and they talk about dreams for the future. Nick and Brooke kiss as Taylor arrives and watches them from cover.