Ep. #4769

Season 19, Episode 255 -  Air Date: 3/22/2006
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Stephanie isn‘t pleased when Eric informs her that he has arranged a memorial service for Felicia. Eric insists that he has a right to mourn his own daughter. Stephanie later calls Christian and learns that Felicia has had her first set of chemotherapy, which hasn‘t worked well and lowered her vitals. Nick goes to Bridget and they talk about the good times of their marriage. Bridget tells Nick that she loves him but she has to let him go and they both sign the divorce papers. Brooke arrives home to find Ridge has moved his things in. Brooke tells Ridge that she is in love with Nick. Ridge tells Brooke that he refuses to give up on her as he leaves. Nick later comes by and tells Brooke that he Bridget have begun the divorce. Nick and Brooke kiss as Ridge watches from the shadows of the garden.