Ep. #4768

Season 19, Episode 254 -  Air Date: 3/21/2006
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Christian calls Stephanie and informs her that he has started Felicia‘s chemotherapy. Ridge comes by and seeks comfort from Stephanie over Felicia. They later discuss Brooke and Ridge tells her that he and Brooke will be married soon. Brooke visits Bridget and Bridget wonders why she heard Brooke was in bed with Ridge. Brooke asks Bridget if she is sure she wants to give up on Nick, and Bridget shows her that their divorce papers have come through. Brooke makes Bridget a promise to not pursue anything with Nick until their divorce is finalized in six months. Taylor brings breakfast to Nick and Taylor wonders if Brooke will be able to manage being with Nick, knowing that it will hurt Bridget. Brooke later drops in on Nick and after they profess their love, Brooke informs him that she can‘t make love to him for six months.