Ep. #4767

Season 19, Episode 253 -  Air Date: 3/20/2006
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Taylor tells Nick that he made her feel care free for the first time since Ridge left her. Taylor continues to apologise for causing him trouble, but Nick assures her that she has a friend in him. Dante brings Dominick over to Bridget and she admits that she feels scared about stepping in to Felicia‘s shoes to be the boy‘s mother. Dante assures her that she is Dominick‘s mother now, and how he hopes that they can all be a real family some day. Stephanie tells Felicia to fight her cancer and remain strong for her son. A Dr. Christian Ramirez informs Stephanie that Felicia will need chemotherapy to irradicate her cancer, as well as a liver transplant and he breaks the news that Felicia‘s chances of living are very slim.